Thursday, June 4, 2009


_collabo with Chris Drinkwater, Rob Kernahan

It's a tetrahedron. Made of concrete. I know what you're thinking - who is big enough to play jacks with a bunch of concrete game pieces? Buzzword for the day = aggregation. It means taking one piece and repeating it over and over and over and... When all connected the pieces create one large hexagonal space frame. The discussion that came about when reviewing the piece involved (2) main topics:
.1 scale
.2 connection

Initially thought of as a brick-like scale, so that one laborer without any particular special skills could assemble multiple pieces to create, well, space, we thought we were casting at a 1:1 scale. The conversation with reviewers brought up another idea: could the scale be enlarged, so that the weight and effort in producing the concrete would begin to make sense, and although cranes would be needed to move pieces, the spaces 'under' them would be much larger. The next step would take advantage of digital fabrication and produce a built-in connection for cladding materials to actually enclose a room or two.

When designing the joint between peices, we were concerned with the function of that joint - it has to allow multiple pieces to span x distance - which meant it has to pull each piece together, tightly, as to act as one. The solution was a tapered joint which creates a natural pull effect - the problem it created was that the area of highest stress accross the piece now has the thinnest amount of material. Not so good.

So this is why and the function of the object. See a later post for the manufacturing process that took place.

You saw it here first!

Marc and Colleen Pana Residence, 2008/9:

_collaboration with Dan Swingendorf

.aim: expand current residence to better accomodate family of 7+ for dining, lounging, and keeping a watchful eye on the neighborhood

.proceedure: elegance and simplicity on the exterior, creating cues to applying to the exisitng home, variety of spaces on the interior where simple moves make for a constant opportunity to explore for every individual in the family

.1 make (1) box
.2 jam second box into first box
.3 expand planks for monitoring the territory
.4 cover some cars while you're at it