Monday, November 9, 2009

Robotic Fabrication

Collaboration with Brandon Pence and A.T. Bulus

You heard it. Robots. Making. Things. This thing will work as proof of concept for mine and Brandon's studio projects, where the robot can take a thing, say at larger scale, a building, respond to it by taking away material, reforming that material, and specifying it for an alternative use. The final pass will route the patter of the growing buildings coming, living, then eventually shrinking, leaving behind a scar (see studio project description in post "OK it's a tumor. Get in zee choppah")

Friday, November 6, 2009

OK, it's a tumor. Get in the chopper.

Initial visualizations show the nest-like behavior of the formal generating script(s). As the correctional facility needs to expand to accommodate more inmates, it attacks the city for resources. Based on the logic of the Million Dollar Blocks, the aim is to not increase the resource development for increase punishment space, but to cap the allowable resource usage for the city, forcing an expanding prison to root into the existing urban fabric in order to mine for its life support: water, electricity, heat, waste management. It is up to the city to improve the amount/type of attention paid upon its citizens to decrease the number of its criminals, thereby reducing the siphoning committed by a system of punishment, and encouraging devotion of resources to positive human development.