Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fall_2009 Final Submission

A monitor for the city, T.A.R.P. comes and goes as the prisoners do, only releasing when rehabilitation is sure. As a citizen, send your energies toward the good of the community, not toward punishment.

Logistics of growing the communal and support programmatic elements around the individual prisoner cells which show up first.

A cataloging of possible cell calcifications based on the cell's permanence, and the level of security, or relative punishment, required for the prisoner inside. Access to outside communication and internal freedoms are controlled through this method.

Distribution of calcified cells, which the monst enclosed located at the center.

Relationship of cells and inserted 'public' programmatic elements within example possible branch of grown prison.

Sample cluster of cells: at a smaller scale, the cells cluster to make other spaces, in this case, day use zones.

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