Thursday, January 28, 2010

Processing - back to design through text

I guess once you've had a taste for blood, there's no stopping a second coming. This semester's thesis diggings has found me learning more coding, inspired from the successful workflow I discovered this fall. As I'm settling my focus on mutant-able architecture for unforeseen disaster scenarios (scale unknown: could be 2012, end of the world, it could be burned toast, end of the world [or Chinese carp, thanks RA]), Processing seemed like the right tool. Object Oriented Programming will allow for particular speciation of beginning archetypes, and the transplant of new ones to become catalysts for mutant-ability. Promise from some experimentation last semester inspires confidence in being able to use something like Processing for developing virtual, and eventually fabricated 3d spatial studies.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

SPLAT! Don't clean that up... it's a clock!

_special uber thanks to kris walters for all the CNC help, and dealing with my tight schedule!

Based around a simple principal: throw something gooey at the wall, it splats, thus you get a form which happens to be tailored to hold a clock as well, SPLAT! clock also addresses my ongoing interest of treating materials as they may not normally be thought of as capable of being treated in such a way. This time, it's wood as plastic. Wood as plastic may be accomplished a few ways, but this one is directly tool related. the 3-axis CNC router at TCAUP can generate as gooey of surface as I desire out of solid material. The following is layered poplar.