Saturday, January 9, 2010

SPLAT! Don't clean that up... it's a clock!

_special uber thanks to kris walters for all the CNC help, and dealing with my tight schedule!

Based around a simple principal: throw something gooey at the wall, it splats, thus you get a form which happens to be tailored to hold a clock as well, SPLAT! clock also addresses my ongoing interest of treating materials as they may not normally be thought of as capable of being treated in such a way. This time, it's wood as plastic. Wood as plastic may be accomplished a few ways, but this one is directly tool related. the 3-axis CNC router at TCAUP can generate as gooey of surface as I desire out of solid material. The following is layered poplar.

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  1. You gotta see this clock in person,with the detail and beauty of the wood, it's unbelieveable!