Monday, March 15, 2010

Brief update on thesis studies: weaving

The above render is of a weaving study, meant to examine the behavior of paper. The funnel shape and loose curvature created by the script (not processing in this case, RhinoScript), seemed to be akin to the stiffness of paper caught in a moment of unraveling from its woven form. Weaving began as a technology exploration. Considering homeotypic mutants (umm... is my thesis statement on here?) which mutate based on already given elements and rearrange them in funny ways in order to create something else, there has to be a 'glue' that holds disparate architectural materials together. The glue is carbon nantubes, able to be assembled, knitted, woven, to create semi-predictable patterns when electrified, and which scientists have begun to examine the amount at which they can get bacteria to steer these nano tubes. Given a kind of swarm logic, simple rules with no master dictating the movement of the collective, the weaving can learn to rearrange building components for new spatial development and new methods for human interaction with space. Studies started with basic physical weaving and braiding, and have turned into scripted swarm studies, let off leash a bit in the same way that the flock logic in previous processing models was fairly unpredictable. More images to come...

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