Friday, April 29, 2011

Light Fixture #1 Update: 'cause I been slow

Probably because of all the horrifying weather news in the US lately, all these trials for a scripted aggregated light shade looks like a city of tornadoes. 

That said, a few things completed on this project:

. the individual unit design (how the blocks are built in order to be two things, instead of just one!)
. the guiding principal behind the formal aspect of the shade
. the light source itself, and mounting hardware (easiest, surprisingly)

Things I'm having trouble with: 

. keeping the aggregates from overlapping - I attribute this to coding rustyness
. ensuring a proper cavity size to allow the light source ample breathing room for illuminating the highest percentage of outside surface - still unsure what that logic might look like.

Deadmou5 keeps me motivated for now :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

While away: 2 ways I celebrate Japan, and 2 things on the way

Because they are superheroes. With all the turmoil going on in Japan with the multiple earthquakes, tsunamis, and meltdowns, I wanted to propose something I could do to benefit the relief cause monetarily, while celebrating some of the culture we're familiar with in the West, artistically. I picked some things that were a bit cliché for creating easily recognizable images and poking a bit of fun at our (my) ignorant viewpoint on contemporary values in Japan :). More importantly, I wanted to highlight the efforts of the engineers / workers at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear power plant as no less than superhuman: the willingness to risk own life and limb for the benefit of many. My hat is off to them, and my hear goes out to their families.

I thought I'd go with the most silly of images - the Japanese school girl throwing up a peace in a photograph. A milder version of the classic red, complete with sun(s) from the current flag, as well as the rays from the rising sun sets off well from a slight off-white background. Original goal was to create T-shirts, with all proceeds to go to the Red Cross and / or Tzu Chi Foundation for Japan relief. When places such as LivingSocial began matching donations, I couldn't bring myself to ask for people to purchase T's with only half their money going to help. Still, if you're interested, we could make them together!

Other ideas were: Sumo wrestler, geisha face, and.... more Superheroes!
Things to look out for: a Flat Lamp redux which is customizable, and another light fixture which addresses the cradle-to-grave issue inherent in the desire to upgrade our surroundings every so often.