Friday, April 29, 2011

Light Fixture #1 Update: 'cause I been slow

Probably because of all the horrifying weather news in the US lately, all these trials for a scripted aggregated light shade looks like a city of tornadoes. 

That said, a few things completed on this project:

. the individual unit design (how the blocks are built in order to be two things, instead of just one!)
. the guiding principal behind the formal aspect of the shade
. the light source itself, and mounting hardware (easiest, surprisingly)

Things I'm having trouble with: 

. keeping the aggregates from overlapping - I attribute this to coding rustyness
. ensuring a proper cavity size to allow the light source ample breathing room for illuminating the highest percentage of outside surface - still unsure what that logic might look like.

Deadmou5 keeps me motivated for now :)

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