Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On going projects: from the drawing board to prototyping!

This marks the latest chapter of PostIt Lamp, conceived of so many months ago. Once delayed for more time sensitive projects through IDEA Space (see the NEWS @ for a brief overview), and this time delayed under the decision to take these rogue lighting design projects into full fledged product design venture under the title FOTON FLOW. So watch out for that, it's huge news for me and my partner, Tiffany Wang to be delving into something we truly enjoy producing. For continuing news on FOTON FLOW, please visit us @! It will be a lot of fun developing the brand along side the products.

In the meantime, in order to check the successes of my coding / grasshopper / virtual world translations into Real Life, I've done some prototyping. This example isn't quite PostItLamp, but instead a more common tessellation of ruled surfaces, in this case limiting the function of the product to being 'just a shade.' Good to know that what's been going on within the computer screen is perfectly translatable. Documentary picture below, 'spatial affect' above. And no, there is no plan for that many strings to be in the final. Being only half a mรถbius strip, the lack of rigidity which should be present in the final needed to be augmented by, well, clutter. Enjoy!