Monday, March 19, 2012

Landing in PDX

The new year has brought a new home base for me, and Atelier2112: Portland, OR. PDX promises to be a bountiful land of great design with, as the NYT put it, a small physical, but disproportionately massive artistic footprint. Well done urban design and consistent contemporary-relevant architecture both developer driven and in the boutique. All with a common mix of old and new, historic and fantastic adaptive re-use (a favorite genre of design). But in all honesty, it's the density of amazing food venues that did the most driving. My goodness; so many food trucks.

I'll be looking forward to developing connections with the following groups housed here and Portland, doing great work in keeping their own institutions connected to the community and other houses of design:

Oregon College of Art and Craft (Library) runs a fantastic blog here, addressing the urban territory and bringing access to several facets of their curriculum to the public.

Looking forward to absorbing some of the promisingly curated lecture series' both there and Portland State University's Department of Architecture, where I hope to participate in the pedagogical conversation as well.

And finally, if for no other reason than proximity, like all wonderful art museums, I plan to be spending some time here:

See you at the 4th Thursday open night, THIS Thursday, the 22nd! Looking forward to making new acquaintances here in the city.