Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Typical distraction: 2 T-shirt entries.

Typical, yes. A hiatus from thinking spatially taken through a flatter, quicker creative outlet: things to screen print on T shirts. Both cases are submissions for competitions. Pictured about is Erno Rubik, cubed. Inventor of the Rubik's cube; well, you get the idea. An abstraction (which I think would be dashing even without the handsome architect/inventor's face) of the cube's many colors in the background reminds those of us less familiar with our toy history. This was for the Museum of Math (MoMath), to which there is no retail shop as of yet. Hopefully soon. On a virtual shirt below:

Second, for the band Wilco, sponsored by Out of Print and Veer (and maybe others), to help promote 826, an organization encouraging kids to pursue creative writing, a Don Quixote themed competition making use of the following quote: "I can no more remember one syllable of it than the shapes of last year's clouds." Having been recording some abstract shapes-as-typography in my sketchbook, I thought this would lend itself well to both script and geometric clouds. Of course, I wanted to give 826 more mention than anything, and broke a contest rule by not using the, uh, limited choices provided by Veer. In all seriousness, isn't clip art just a bit too 90s, or am I simply not en vogue enough with the new aesthetic? Enjoy.

On shirt: