Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monster: The Entertainer's Guide to Interactive Display

Earlier we talked a bit about interaction design as an involved, dynamic, spatial interface where participants can interject and co-mingle their occupied physical realm with a digital projection of their avatar in a virtual environment that surrounds and inflicts on the space to create a novel experience.

Background and due diligence here:

Here we have a Kinect* powered loop sensing position, form, and movement of the user to involve them with their virtual environment while simultaneously existing as part of, or separate to, in physicality. Our example is open-faced, giving opportunity to share the imagery with users, in real time, however improvised the situation might be. Different forms or positions could trigger varying scenes or sequences while the user to either merely conduct those images with their body or react as an additional actor to their virtual selves.

While the above clearly affords an audience, other configurations could be oriented toward the user(s) alone in a more immersive environment. Either way, the result yields a cross between digital mixed media and performance art, allowing levels of storytelling availed through multiple representational genres. Our singer commands presence as his inner Monster moves through space in front of his viewers.

*note: you'll notice the date on the drawings, and the date of the introductory post. Apparently you need to have your all-in-one printer loaded with ink in order to use the scan function. So... Fuck HP. Below, my new scanner: