Friday, September 28, 2012

Techno-round up: physical pixels and digital buildings

Well here we are with some cybermimetic examples from opposite spectra. The first is a physical manifestation of the most fundamental digital unit: the pixel. Installed at the 2012 Hyundai Motor Group Exhibition, the South Korean media arts group Jonpasang used many, many lightweight cubes (approx. 12"x12") controlled by a large artifice at each wall composed of steel grid and stepper motors. The liquidity of the pixel is transformed as texture, image, and sequence IRL. Admittedly due to the bias of my interest in melding physical with virtual simultaneously, I do believe there is a missed opportunity to incorporate digital imagery on the scene in the form of projection or the like. Read more here: Architect's Newspaper via University of Michigan TCAUP

And in honorable mention, not for its provocation in spatial awareness, but for it's practical application in life saving tech, this is MS Kinect sensor adapted for rescuers to wear on their chests in order to develop accurate digital floor plans as they run through! I have a soft spot for Kinect hacking, but this is nonetheless a very exciting prospect. Read more here: Gizmodo via MIT