Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chase Jarvis on Paradigm Shifts in... construction.

Photo curtousy of blog.chasejarvis.com

Chase Jarvis, notable Seattle-based photographer, recently made this post on a new residential construction project by 1:1 Arkitektur, wherein they deploy CNC milling efficiency to piece together a fully assembled home, free of traditional connectors such as nails. It is made of 100% wood, facilitated by the automated flexibility in creating complex, puzzle-like shapes for each element to fit together using our industry's latest cutting tool.

I'd especially like to point this project out as a common proponent of seemingly-far fetched methods in design and construction, and for you, as a reader and potential client to these new methodologies, to consider the implication of truly sustainable operations, fueled by emerging technology, as a practical and ideal means to an environmentally-feasible and cost-effective end. 

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