Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Lighter Side of Lights

The aim: to create a series of go-together lighting solutions in some commonly used areas with easily available materials at a reasonable cost, starting with the austere, minimalistic Modern form-meets-function aesthetic, then screwing it all up with red power cords looking like they were drawn on by your 3 yr old nephew. Boom. The result is lighting with great personality without drastic steps in the addition of superfluous ornament. Basic functional pieces are toyed with: power cord being used as structure in truss-like tension, standard steel bases and rods used as balancing elements, table lamp being used as a crane to hoist a pendant, keeping in the family of the others.

My personal catalyst? I needed something that could be easily applied to my rental without making any changes to the way existing features hang. Thus, I get loads of visual interest without any generic stuff from the big boxes. I am cheap. My cost to put these together is low.

There are a couple RFPs out there targeting affordable lighting, but adding the widely performed social responsibility of eco-consciousness. I DO have a vested interest in cork reforming, as it can cast over and over, and is more than readily available in disposed-wine cork form. Grind it up, heat in your mold at 500deg for some time, and a beautiful, smooth, finished looking shape emerges. If you look at my past example of making liquid-organic shapes from rigid materials, you'll get an idea for what kind of molded-cork aesthetic I'd be seeking. More on that as the experiments continue.

*note: scanner works now, and it turns out it's terrible (i.e. gray patches on the left not part of my original, CLEAN sketch).

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