Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Physical Tactility from a Digital World: Firewall by Aaron Sherwood + Mike Allison

Find the original designboom post here:

This piece of awesome must be noted for it's relation to developing an interactive multi-media experience with physical controls, operating in digital space. It's use as part of the performance piece, "Mizalu" to premiere in June of 2013, hits home for me as a logical step in the growing digital influence on high art, including spatial design, audience engagement, and increasing permanence in architecture. Once again, we see further achievement the use of affordable, available tools in making novel experience, and very close resemblance to the oft mentioned dream sketch my programming-inabilities won't yet let me achieve, Monster: The Entertainer's Guide.

Watch it work:

I'll be the first to point out the light connection between music change and users' touch, but this being a result of visual input (the Kinect sensor monitoring the extent of spandex beyond its frame), this lower resolution is to be expected. The project stands as metaphor for the barriers of unknowing the relation of life and death, and I hope, as well as near-future of nextgeneration multi-reality interactive environments. Cheers to 2013!