Friday, September 13, 2013

The View Onward

Has it been since January? Ridiculous. Let's get things warmed back up with a bit of a refresher in my madness. We'll be trying out fewer essays and more quick whits to keep things moving forward while attempting to not stall out all over again. Ready? Go.

Lead image: from graphic novel by Jean-Claude Mezieres.

Many elements of the science fiction future are no longer relevant as societal goals. For example, the flying car is obsolete, giving way for our emphasis on communication technologies, which can provide more efficient roads through autonomous cars. An urban evolutionary curve ball.

See below on clear trends throughout history toward that conclusion, beginning with ancient man's stone sat nav.

*note: driverless cars are obvious now, and neatly on the near horizon. These works date to near 5-years ago. Pretty keen - no? My obvious mistake? I put the mass production and adoption of driverless cars way off in the future (ad2043), when, really, we can expect to buy one in probably less than 5.

Talk soon.