Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Resiliance of the Strand

Gotfried Semper announces his third of The Four Elements of Architecture, enclosure, as enabled through weaving - the first creation of surface, thus the first to grow in scale to divide space.

I've spent time adapting this idea to 3 and 4 dimensions as in the coded experiment in the above image: A snap shot from my bio-weaving thesis, which can read more about here. The main relevance is in the idea of taking strand-based materials, training bacteria to weave them in to various forms and densities at the molecular scale, and therefore re-adapt broken architecture into usefulness once again. 

Now that is both en vogue and notably beneficial to develop structural form with woven tensioned bits, such as the luscious and sought-after Nike Flyknit , it must now be wondered, are we in the position to push the technology to tighter tolerances and drive our built environment full circle? 

Will your next (maybe one after that) be woven instead of predictably 3d printed? Carbon fiber is the couple-decades old awareness builder in this category - no? One can hope, just as I can hope to find the right outlet for this experiment, maybe in a non-weather tight scenario. 

Cheers, and do good work.